Photo Credit: Suzie Mirkin 

Greetings from Maine!


I’m a lucky person, because I love what I do!

I like to draw and paint and make things, I like to write, I like to be with kids—especially outside in nature—and I love to read.

So being a writer and illustrator of children’s picture books is a pretty great job for me.

I’ve been making books since I was around three or four years old.

Before I could read or write, I made pictures and taped them together to make books.

When I was in the second grade, I told my mom that I wanted to make picture books when I grew up.

I did a lot of other things along the way—I went to college, taught school, worked as a graphic designer, and explored a bunch of other directions—but since 1991 I’ve been writing and illustrating books professionally.

In my books, I love to encourage children to explore nature and foster their imaginative play as a way to develop empathy and to nurture their social-emotional learning.

Along with making picture books, I enjoy hiking, reading, painting, getting involved in community and social action activities, traveling, sewing, kayaking and snow shoeing.

I like to try new things (like ziplining in New Zealand…yikes!) and also continuing old things (like making quilts and spending time with family and friends).

I also love to visit schools and libraries to present programs to students and families.

Speaking of families… My husband and I have two terrific kids, Alex and Mae, (they are adults now, but I still call them my kids!) and two wonderful granddaughters.

We live with two kitties—Suzie and Frida.

Behind our house is Frog Song Pond which is home to lots of turtles, ducks, salamanders, and of course…frogs!

The pond has inspired many of my books.

I even have a treehouse where I can watch all the critters in and around the water.

My work is mostly in cut-paper collage.

I love this medium because I can easily experiment and make changes. Plus I get to make a splendid mess!

Happy Reading!